Andre Burnett was a co-founder of Krash, which pales in comparison to numerous achievements and ideas conceived and executed during his time on earth. A giant.

The “ego” is a familiar enough concept to most people or rather “ego”. “The” is an important addition because it underlies a key difference in what people understand when the word is used.

One of my favourite Kenny Rogers ballads is of course “The coward of the county”. I say of course, because I’m Jamaican and most Jamaican men my age and older have probably had some very positive feelings about how that

Over the past year or so, I’ve been paying more attention to the words that I use to express myself even to myself. Because what you say really matters, especially what you say to yourself. If you tell yourself a

I-Wayne is probably the only performer I wouldn’t just approach if I saw him on the street. It’s not because I think he’s more ill-tempered than any other star but I have this real fear of him realizing that I wasn’t living