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Three weeks have passed since Masicka dropped his highly anticipated and much teased debut project, 438, and the Jamaican music scene is still captivated.

One of the standard bearers for hardcore dancehall in this era, Javaun Fearon aka Masicka, has the dancehall community on its heels today on the back of the release of the first track from his debut album, 4.3.8, at his

Have you ever listened to an Alkaline song and loved it on the first go? That's weird. Dancehall heavyweight Alkaline dropped his sophomore full length project, Top Prize. Well, he's released it one week today, which is probably the minimum

There appears to be a war of videos brewing in the male lifestyle coach community, as well known woketep Dr Umar Johnson aimed at what he calls Youtubian beta coons. There is likely to be some sort of reply from

Intence mixes the cement to build his column in the new generation of dancehall. Krash reviews the mixtape, Public Enemy No. 1.

Social media offers several comforts and advantages, not the least of are the immediacy with which we can take actions to curate our space, and block. As with any comfort and advantage, it is susceptible to be used to the point

There has been a recent explosion of YouTube content in Jamaica, and I recently sat down with Netania Mundell to get her thoughts on this and more at a place we both consider to be our place, TGI Friday’s.

Butch Stewart was filthy rich, a US dollar billionaire, and on twitter, we eat the rich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So I listened to the new Tory Lanez album, eponymously titled, DAYSTAR. Well, I listened to just enough to understand his headspace that would not have been afforded by reading lyrics from the album. And I was immediately and unreliably