different type

Masicka is a Different Type of Lyricist

One of the standard bearers for hardcore dancehall in this era, Javaun Fearon aka Masicka, has the dancehall community on its heels today on the back of the release of the first track from his debut album, 4.3.8, at his customary release time of 3 pm sharp. Masicka rarely disappoints, especially when he goes for the lyrical jugular in songs such as Promise, or opts for positivity as in Stay Strong. In Different Type, he does both, which is truly the best from the former student of Calabar High School.

The song sets the tone for a project that, from all indications, could be the magnum opus thus far for the skilful lyricist. His fans should be satisfied after such a long wait. After all, Masicka told us the album was done in February. All good things take time, and there can be no complaints as the song racks up views at a rapid clip.

“More time dem a wonder wah yah go fawud wid, yuh zimi. Dem a wonder if yah go fail, yuh hear dat” is the intro to a lyrical masterpiece.

After the extended wait, Masicka had no choice but to deliver. He wastes no time to assert his bad man image with the ladies, affirm his love for marijuana, and let us understand that his money nuh normal. 

“Mi granny tell me different strokes, different folks. Walk dung some, buss dem head, and run dung some and slit dem throat.”

Masicka uses his grandma as a vessel to deliver the first hard punches of the track. You know at this juncture that he’s about to set the place on fire. 

“Hot, yuh know mi spliff dem smoke. Serious, mi skip dem joke. Bricks dem up. mi chips a float. Rich like all we ship a coke. Lawyer, weh nuh miss a court. Latoya have mi dick a choke…”


“Legends live forever, dem cya kill a goat” may be the takeaway line for, not only the song, but the album.

It has been obvious for some time now that the 27-year old has greatness on his mind, charting his own path in his own lane to dancehall immortality. In his relative down time, while many of the other big names have dropped projects, Masicka has been strategic, racking up collaborative efforts and features with Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Skillibeng, Tarrus Riley, and the legendary Sean Paul. Fearon is a deliberate man, making deliberate moves, and crafting intricate, deliberate lyrics, which betrays his undeniable intelligence and wit.

“Swing a rope. Pull mi dawgs dem out, and give mi niggas hope. Some different type a life fi all kids, cause man a real survivor. Stripes and mi nuh mean nuh tiger. Lion inna di streets, mi wiser.”

It is wordplay such as that which gives his fans confidence in his album, a reasonable assurance that the man is capable of reaching into the locker and gratifying the soul, inspiring the hopeless, and igniting a fire. 

“So a different settings, different move, a different steppings. Dem just a seh things. Dem pussy dem cya stop mi blessings. Gyal inna leggings…”

We often hear dancehall artistes bemoan bad mind. Crocodiles are aggressive in attack mode, and this one unleashes vicious bars in defiance. 

On one of his Instagram live shows, the artiste teased big collaborations. Newcomer Nation Boss of Humans fame has been a regular and swift commenter on Masicka’s posts. It is at the point of his appearance in the video for Different Type that any lingering doubt that the talented singjay will make an appearance on the album might be put to rest.

“Mi know di feel. No man fi shoot dem, mi nuh show mi steel. Mi grow fi real. Inna di ghetto, weh you sore nuh heal. Mi score di meal. Secure di eel. Mi coulda crash, mi hold di wheel. Throw dem dung like Undertaker. Thump dem up like Holyfield. She a go bless mi, yes, a nuh to God alone she kneel. Inna mi zone fi real, mi ready wid mi sword, mi shield. Mi focus from mi dome to heel. A winnings, yeah. The trophy seal. A di chrome mi wheel. mi wheel it off, dem ghost reveal.

This is simply a remarkable display of lyricism, delivered over haunting visuals, including handcuffs, a masked man, and a wincing, in the zone, Masicka.

Different Type is a song worthy to introduce any album. Masicka has produced a well-crafted, intricate song with a beautiful video to match that uses deep green, red, monochrome, and shades of blue to good effect. We can only wait in anticipation for the next offerings, and prepare our shields, lest we be blown away. 

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