What a Prekeh

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The Art of Comparison

Now, then, must we wonder at the prekeh the collab between Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Wet Ass Pussy” has caused. There is a tendency, one which we’re all a bit guilty of, to isolate our generation as an extreme, whether it be the most corrupt, smartest, immoral, virtuous, or shallow. But it would be a good wager for us to believe that this too was the case centuries and millennia in the past.

The Art of Patriarchy

These conversations about the absolute weakness of the patriarchy always go both ways, because the outrage diminishes both sexes. It cheapens the worth of the woman’s mentality and of the man’s desirability. Men, in this scenario, go after the prize, and women are the recipient who accede to the charming, flashy ‘gyallis’.

Cardi B and Meg thee Stallion WAP