dr umar johnson vs kevin samuels

Dr Umar versus the Youtubians

There appears to be a war of videos brewing in the male lifestyle coach community, as well known woketep Dr Umar Johnson aimed at what he calls Youtubian beta coons. There is likely to be some sort of reply from the Youtubians to this challenge to their platform, and many of us will be here for it. What is, however, the truth about these content creators who have gained droves of supporters within the Black community?

The minute Dr Umar directed his attention at these men, we all knew he aimed most directly at Kevin Samuels, a middle-aged image consultant, who makes sure to remind us that he is a businessperson every chance he gets. Mr Samuels has become a hero for many young black men for the way he delivers harsh, bitter medicine to black women. 

This has been construed as hate for black women, or misogynoir as coined by queer black feminist Moya Bailey. Dr Umar, a self-proclaimed Pan-Africanist in the mould of Garvey and others, focused on a ‘dirty dozen’ of these Youtubians, who are, in his estimation, coons.

We must properly characterise the woketep too. Dr Umar has a particular view of relationships between black people that strongly advise against interracial admixture. He also gives advice that is similar to that offered by the likes of Samuels, with more palatable and balanced delivery.

Video #1: Dr Umar – Black Women, this is why you’re single

I searched for a representative Dr Umar video and found one where he captivatingly uses his soft skills to opine – to a black woman – that what black women are usually aiming for in his opinion needs some “psychosurgery”. They are:

      1. Women often ignore the men who would make them very happy and instead gravitate to another man who will not, and does not possess all the human qualities, just because he has a ‘swag’ factor.

      2. The majority of women desire a “super-alpha” who is 6 feet tall, super attractive, well educated, chiselled, and makes good money. Of note, the black men in America who fit this description are 5 percent just on the six-figure requirement alone. (Do you remember a little thing called systemic (global) oppression?)

Dr Umar goes on to suggest that the men that black women desire, in terms of a super-alpha, are not usually monogamous. Super-alphas have options because black women place these men at the apex, and they would ignore other less desirable qualities in these men. Kevin Samuels concurs, noting that at 52 years old, he can barely keep young women off him with a stick.

Dr Umar goes on to suggest that black women dial it back a bit by considering the “beta” who has all the attributes such as the job, the personality etcetera, but comes without the physical attributes. While the description of alpha and beta are absurd terms rooted in a patriarchal and obviously deeply problematic understanding of what men should be, it cannot be denied that what the Youtubians call alpha is what the predominance of young black women view as the ultimate nigga.

Upon further examination, Dr Umar’s rhetoric has a tinge of many problematic ways of thinking, to include patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, and racial segregation, among others. He speaks about the systematic elimination of the black family in America through the under-education and mass incarceration of black men, which relegate black men to a near-last choice among racial groups for many black women. In madness, however, can come ideas that are not so mad. There are important messages of uplifting for both black men and women in his message that are somewhat congruent with the predominant messages of the dirty dozen.

Video #2: Kevin Samuels – You’re average at best

Kevin Samuels is by no means the only one to devote time to the perceived shortcomings of black women. I also tune in to hear the Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews, and the Roommates Podcast channels to see the new and recycled ways in which they engage in the takedown of the standards (black) women, and in some cases, black men. Their channels mostly represent men fighting back against what many see as endless criticism and slander of black men on these platforms, without a corresponding voice to say where women fall short.

The outwardly confident, narcissistic, and bitterly frank Mr Samuels is the de-facto leader, referred to as the Godfather by many.

The particular clip that earned him his infamy and fame in equal measure is where he dropped a nuclear bomb on a 35-year-old mother who called in to his YouTube live for advice. The short clip was one-sided, where she expressed her desire for a six-figure man that she can respect, and Kevin Samuels launched into a carefully worded correction of her perceived delusions.

At a few points throughout the video, he offered to do the consultation privately, as he had clocked that the call could get ugly for her, who he would go on to describe as a sweet woman.

That is a clip. What does the full video say?

The woman in question made a few key assertions:

      1. Her man must earn as much or more than the six-figure threshold that she crossed three years ago from her pet grooming and doggie day-care business

      2. She is 35 years old, has a 13-year-old son

      3. She rated herself as a 5/10 upon waking and a 6/10 after makeup and other enhancements

      4. Her man must earn more than her for her to respect him

      5. The men she’s tried before haven’t worked out because they always try to invest in her business or want to work in her business

The key difference between the clip and the full video is that it ignores the nearly 15 minutes that Kevin Samuels tried to explain to her what “high value men” desire and that it does not align with her understanding. He also mentions that it is okay for her to have standards, but she must also understand that the men she desires do not want someone with her profile.

The Youtubians have a consistent rhetoric that high value men are: (i) not interested in monogamy, (ii) preoccupied with youth, femininity, and submissiveness in women, and (iii) do not place women with masculine qualities such as being argumentative and career focused above all else at the top of their lists.

He further explained that being average was not a slight on her as average means exactly that – average – and that nothing is wrong with being with an average person. However, she was defiant in her stance that she could offer advice on business, something she shamed the average men that she viewed as inferior to her for less than 10 minutes prior. She distinctly thought it to be dating down, but did not see how it works in the reverse.

The image consultant had two overriding messages:

      1. That her non-compromise on hypergamous/western neo-patriarchy ideals were pricing herself out of a mate considering the information on her that Samuels heard and the pure Math behind 100 percent desiring the 5 percent

      2. Men have a different ranking system for desirable qualities in a woman than women do for men

All that…was a recipe for disaster. As a man or woman, if you do not want to hear Kevin Samuels’ version of the truth, which is based on superficial ideals for a woman, delivered with little care for tact if you do not agree with him, then do not seek Kevin Samuels’ advice. He is an asshole playing an equal opportunity asshole’s role.

The big disclaimers with the Youtubians are that most of them do engage in misogyny and misogynoir, and from observation, are prone to coonery as Dr Umar has asserted. This is evidenced by the positive ways in which some engage Candace Owens and even Tomi Lahren, which blow the mind.

Take from them what you will. The resentment for black women and inflated ego that will foster from listening to the likes of Kevin Samuels are not worth the self-improvement lessons and validation for potentially harmful ‘alpha’ attitudes towards women.

There are too many mature, reasonable, unselfish, driven, and ambitious women in this world for you to worry about overly demanding, selfish, and self-awareness lacking individuals. In the same vein, there are enough calm, understanding, goal oriented men that are suitable for those women.

In terms of the Youtubians, for a more balanced, casual, critical, and humour-filled examination of life and relationship issues from black men, Aba and Preach are quite possibly the best in the game.