Hating from outside the club

Hating from Outside the Club

What of privilege?

I gave it a few thoughts — a few serious thoughts. In a time where one incident sparks a concert of cries and a war against discrimination, inequality, ignorance, hate, and injustice, the oppressor becomes acutely threatened. His privilege that was so carefully cultivated by his predecessors through law, war, betrayal, and hijacking of sacred texts might be eradicated. Damn it. It nah go so; because now it calls into question all he’s held dear. It raises suspicion about the obvious greatness and superiority which enabled him to amass the wealth, sail the yachts, woo the beautiful women, and flaunt the cars and other symbols our society has determined to define status and importance.

Love in this club

No longer can it be enough to be a passive ally or silent partner. For a man such as myself, in gender relations, it has to take shape by holding myself to the highest of standards, as well as my bredrin dem. For anyone upholding the “you asked for it because you dressed that way or were in their path” defense mechanism, unu inna trouble eno. Acknowledge the unfairness of inequality; endeavour to do better; and make it a requirement for everyone around you to do and be better. Thoughts and prayers are lovely, but we aren’t going to think and pray away any of it.