Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The Olden Days

Technology has so much integrated in the fabric of society that a friendship, and indeed, relationship, can reside solely on the worldwide web. If the internet ceased to exist overnight, all trace of this connection would dissipate. Or that’s the implication in a world where trees fall, no-one hears, and it never happened. And each time I’m playfully derided for my prehistoric age of three decades and one, as zoomers and others from what I call the snapchat generation, somehow believe to be old, I reminisce on the olden days when handwritten letters and cursive were still commonplace.

A New Age

Nowadays, I turn an eye up if a web page takes a fraction more than an instant to load. What bullshit, to be honest. But then I remember a time long ago, or in the first days of Industry 4.0, 23 years ago, when my mother bought me my first personal computer for twenty thousand dollars. Its processing speed was sixty six megahertz. Sixty six. Mega. No wonder a Jive Communications study on customer service expectations revealed millenials to be the most patient generation.

The Point of Intersection

The cataclysm that wasn’t does, though, beg for the interrogation of how spliced generations coexist, as over 30s interact with the Snapchat generation who then must interact with the budding YouTuber generation. There is much overlap as opportunities lie in crossover into each segment, even as many of us shirk it all to remain relative hermits in the virtual space.